Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Life since my last post has been interesting. I honestly can't say if it's been good or bad, so I'll just say that it has been neutral. School continues to drag along, and this week the music classes begin. My new schedule has normal classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and music classes are on Tuesday and Friday. No Saturday school--ever!!!!! So that's pretty amazingly awesome (the other exchangers here are so envious, mwahaha). Last week, I had my first two real interrogations. The first was in Art History, and I believe that went well; the second was in English and even though I was forced by my classmates to do it only 10 minutes beforehand, I came out with a 9 out of 10. So I'd say success.

This week I have been on a sort of Fall Break, since we have not had school this Monday (Halloween), Tuesday (All Saint's Day), and Wednesday. I am so glad the break arrived when it did, because I desperately needed some rest time. Some strange health issues have left me feeling confused, annoyed, and exhausted recently. I won't give details, but the first included an invalid nose, and the second included a nasty neck infection. I think both are healing now so hopefully I won't have to deal with them anymore soon.

Last Friday night I visited a suburb of Milano (Cernusco sul Naviglio) for a school friend's birthday party. We went to a pizzeria and then went over to a bowling alley. Unfortunately, my bowling skills were a lot better when I was little (I will refrain from saying my final score). But it was a nice glimpse into another part of the city and I had fun with my school friends!

On Monday night some of my school friends and exchange friends planned a night at the disco. However, at the last minute, some people cancelled and then it turns out that we couldn't even get into the disco for some reason (the line didn't move an inch after waiting over an hour). So we sold our tickets and left. It was still a fun evening, but my dream of finally going to a disco was once again dashed.

Yesterday my friend Sam, an exchanger in Cremona, visited me and Milano for the first time. We saw 99.9% of the city in order to see all the famous sights. We even got to see an exhibit of the painter Artemesia Gentileschi and later we went on the roof of the Duomo to see the city by night! By the end of the day both of us were dead tired, but it was a lot of fun all the same. Today I slept until noon. :)

And so, October has left us and November has arrived. November and early December are supposed to be the darkest times of an exchanger's year, when the enthusiasm for the host country is at its lowest point. This is because although the student can understand the language well, he/she still cannot speak completely fluently; this frustration combined with the colder weather makes for a bad attitude towards the exchange. I hope that my attitude does not follow this pattern so dramatically, but I can already feel it starting to happen a little. I just have to remind myself how lucky I am to be here and that I should appreciate everything I get to do. For example, next week District 2040 is going on a cruise from La Spezia to the island of Elba, which I only recognize because it was where Napoleon was exiled back in the day. I will be sure to update the old bloggedy blog after that trip. Until then, a presto!

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  1. You'll get to go to a disco if you believe! Follow your dreams, haha!
    Sounds like you're having an fun time thus far!