Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nave Italia

Here we are, almost halfway through November already. Life finds me relaxing at home on a Sunday after returning from a three-day cruise with my District 2040 family. We took a train to the seaside town of La Spezia, from which we embarked on an Italian naval ship for several days of teamwork, fun, and learning. The program was called "Nave Italia" and we were accompanied on our voyage by about twenty sailors. Originally, the plan was to sail south to the island of Elba, but recent bad weather on the island prevented us from going. So in the end we just sailed up and down the coast without making port anywhere. A bit disappointing, but the whole experience was still a lot of fun.

me climbing the rigging

the dining area 

the sails

incredible sunset 

hoisting a sail
We played team-building games, climbed up in the rigging, swabbed the deck, danced the night away, hoisted the sails, learned the history of sailing, and practiced our Italian with a crew of almost all Sicilian men (whose accents were pretty thick). After three days of such living, we made port back at La Spezia. There, we visited the Naval Museum and then walked to lunch at a pizzeria. My host family is originally from La Spezia, so I especially enjoyed seeing their beloved town. Later that afternoon we hopped on a train back to Milano and said our goodbyes until next time.

This week I will most likely begin choir and I hope that goes well. I FINALLY received a package of delicious American food from my family in the US, after seven weeks of waiting (apparently it made a detour to Israel before arriving here......I don't understand). Thanksgiving is approaching soon and I really want to cook at least one dish for my host family, but we'll see how that works out. Look at that--I finally made a concise blog post! And with that, I will end. :)

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