Sunday, September 25, 2011

Varenna / Lecco

It is now Sunday morning and I am awaiting the arrival of my host family's relatives for a brunch. Yesterday, however, I traveled to the mountains with some Rotary friends for a day of natural beauty and small-town charm. Nicolai and I took the train to Varenna (my first train ride) and met the other kids who actually live in the northern towns of Lecco and Bellano (all on the coast of the beautiful Lake Como). In Varenna we got a late lunch/early dinner and walked around the small streets. Eventually Nicolai decided to take a swim in Lake Como which turned out to be a bad idea because the water was freezing. I took tons of pictures and it was just a grand time with the other exchange students.      
       I love the lake!!!
Lake Como
After Varenna we took the train back to Lecco, a town where several exchangers live. I loved it even more than Varenna. Lecco was more of a town, whereas Varenna was kind of just a few pretty buildings on the lake with the sole purpose of attracting tourists. In Lecco we had a light little aperitivo thing and after walking around a bit, Nicolai and I jumped on the train (which was late) and arrived back in Milano at about 22:00.  

On Friday night my Rotary tutor (counselor) invited me to a piano concert, so I went with him and saw Ludovico Einaudi play his own compositions for about 1.5 hours. The music was beautiful but it was late at night and by the end I was so sleepy. Like I said, today is a family brunch and then tomorrow starts another week of school. I now own all the textbooks I need, so maybe I can kind of follow along during class? Or maybe not. Oh well. However, although school this week will be boring as ever, I can at least look forward to next weekend which is District 2040 orientation at Cinque Terre!!

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