Saturday, September 3, 2011


"So what are you doing this weekend?" "Oh not much, just MOVING TO ITALY FOR A YEAR." This is pretty much my life. Actually I still haven't grasped the fact that I am about to leave the US tomorrow afternoon. A year's worth of planning and waiting and more planning has led to this time of departure, and now it's finally happening. I am truly at a loss to describe how I feel right fact this is becoming the most difficult blog post to date. Maybe I should give a quick recap of today's events before I start getting all philosophical.

I visited the University of Richmond today after picking my sister Wheeler up from the airport, who is staying with my mom and McKay for Labor Day weekend. I immediately fell in love with the school. Everything was perfect, and the day kept getting better and better as we toured the campus and learned more about the academics. Richmond is definitely my top choice now and I can't wait to send in my application. It's funny that the last college I visited (about the 14th one) turned out to be my favorite one, but I'm just glad I discovered it before I left for Italia!

My carry-on bag is officially closed and waiting by the door. The other two checked bags are basically finished but I am washing a few last minute clothes right now. McKay is writing her goodbye note to me in my now-emotional journal book thingy. We are leaving at about 8:30 tomorrow morning to make it to my youngest host bro Luca's house in NOVA (Northern Virginia) by 10:00 for brunch. I am excited to meet him as this may be the only time our paths will cross, since he'll be in the US all this year for his own exchange.

Then, depending on how hungry we are afterward (if at all) we will grab some lunch and leave me at the airport by 2:30, since international flights require your presence earlier than usual. My flight to Paris leaves at 4:30 and I'll get there at 6:00 AM Paris time, which is midnight Virginia time. Then I'll leave Paris at 7:45 and arrive in Milano at 9:15. I will be met there by both host parents and my Rotary counselor, Edoardo Costa. Beyond that.....I have no idea. haha. We will soon see!!!!

My last blog post in the US. Last night in the US. And soon I will have my last midnight snack in the US. Italia, here I come!!

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