Tuesday, September 13, 2011


front of school
So today was the first day of school, and I believe I will have a hard time preventing myself from turning this post into a never-ending rant. Of course my school forgot that I was coming, so that was a nice welcome. The language barrier was awkward as usual, but I knew that would happen. It was the fact that my school had not contacted me about summer work and required materials that rather infuriated me. Over the summer my class read Macbeth as well as several other pieces of literature, but of course I was not informed so now I am far behind. Also, I am not guaranteed a music teacher in school because as a temporary student, I do not have priority. However I believe I will be at least having private piano lessons somehow. The teachers at school did not speak to me today, so I don't really know what's happening at all in my situation. An English/Italian girl named Celeste saved my life in school because she was the only one who was fluent in English, so she translated for me and explained the supplies I needed and everything.

I am not as agitated as I was directly after school because now I've had a chance to calm down, haha. But I just have to remember that every exchange kid goes through this period of awkwardness at the start of school. I just feel so uncertain about what's going to happen as far as my class's summer work and my music classes, which start in November. Until November I have school only Monday-Friday, but when music lessons start then I'll have M-W-F normal classes and T-T-S music classes. Each day has a different schedule, so it's pretty complicated (even more than SHS).

The normal classes I'm taking are as follows:

courtyard of school 
  • Italian
  • Art History (whooo!!!)
  • English (favorite class I'm sure)
  • History / Philosophy
  • Math / Physics
  • General Science (thankfully only once a week)
  • PE
  • Religion (optional, not sure if I'll take it)
The music classes which start in November are:
  • Music History
  • Harmony (a level up from Theory)
  • and then instrument-specific classes (don't understand how these work yet)
My class, 4B, has about 25 kids and let me just say that my school is the most hipster place EVER. I rolled in with my American Eagle threads and I could feel vision beams of death from every side. Okay just kidding. But really, I was not prepared for the specific fashion of my school. In addition, school usually starts at 8:15 (except Thursday) and ends at 13:15 (except Tuesday, but later in the year it will end closer to 14 every day). 

So there you have it. I have officially been here for longer than a week, and I have officially survived completed my first day of school. Ciao ciao. 

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