Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Few Days

I have been here in Milano for only five days but it feels like it's been a month. Already I can find my way around the northwest sector of the city and I am no longer as terrified of riding a bike through the crazy Italian traffic (and it is about 20 times crazier than anything you can imagine......Roma is even worse but anyways).

Last night there was a party for Nicolai (the guy from Sweden) and I, and it was good. It was at Nicolai's host home and we were introduced to a number of random people, the grand majority of whose names I can't remember (is that correct grammar? My English is slowly dying). I did meet my next host mom though, so that was nice, mainly because I now know that I actually HAVE another host family, haha. Annnywaysssss.

Il Duomo!!!!!
Today Nicolai and I met up with a bunch of exchange kids and toured the city, including Il Duomo, a creepy bone church, and the amazing shopping district next to Il Duomo. We eventually went north by metro (my first metro ride in Milano) to see Harry Potter in English, but after much searching we discovered that it was not showing today. So we got aperitifs in a random cafe instead. Then we headed back to Duomo for shopping, but we didn't have much time before some girls had to catch a train back to Lecco (a smaller town in the north, almost in Switzerland). I bought a vest and a shirt, but I just realized that the vest is the wrong size so I'll have to exchange it. This simple act of exchanging clothes is magnified since I am still nervous to speak Italian to random people in public. Speaking with my host family is fine because I am comfortable with them, but in public I rarely understand a response to my question. Oh well. OH and earlier in the day we went to Abercrombie, the only store in Italy apparently. It's HUGE. And apparently on the inside it's like a club--everything is dark and there are half-naked go-go dancing models. When you enter, you can take pictures with shirtless models, but when we arrived today, the line was like 100 yards long. Ridiculous. So I'll have to go in another time. Abercrombie and Hollister are both very popular here, which is weird for me since I usually consider both to be snobby and obnox. But here it's common to see teenagers wearing stuff from those stores. Ah well.

I learned today that my school starts on Tuesday, so that'll be a whole new adventure. Also, I am joining my brother Andrea's gym. Since schools don't have sports and sports aren't really my thing anyway, the gym is an easy and very convenient way to stay in shape (curse you Italian food!.....okay not really) and maybe even tone up some muscles here and there if I'm lucky. If I'm very, very lucky. Okay. I dunno what's going to happen in the next few days before school, so I'll blog again when I have a story worthy of telling. Until then, a presto!

P.S. Tonight is also Vogue's Fashion Night Out in the city, so all the stores were open until 11 instead of the usual 8, and I'm guessing that all the attractive people with attractive clothes will be strutting their stuff all over downtown. I wanted to go but after the gym tonight I was too tired. Maybe I'll have another chance. :)

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