Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am finally in my new home in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It feels like it's taken forever to get here (a sign that doesn't bode well for my upcoming trans-Atlantic flight) but I'm finally here. I arrived in Richmond last night at about 22:15 (I have totally made the change to military time) and we stayed the night in a hotel. This morning my mom, McKay, and I drove to Williamsburg to tour the College of William & Mary, an awesome school. It's one of my top choices, but the experience was rather tainted by the ridiculous heat and humidity and the fact that dorms don't have A/C. We visited one and I almost died. Not really but still. We ate at a lovely colonial Williamsburg restaurant and then drove through the awful I-95 traffic to Fredericksburg.

Settling in was weird, mostly because I don't have my own room in the apartment my mom and sister have for this year. I kept my few winter clothes I own in my bags, and took everything else out. My mom picked up a NatGeo Explorer magazine for me with the cover story entitled "Milan's Big Heart" and I devoured the story. It made me about 20 times more excited for exchange. :D

Now that I'm here, it's time to really hit the Italian harder than ever. I also plan to hit the gym and pool though I know deep inside they will produce neither muscle nor tan, just exhaustion and sunburn. Oh well. It's something to do. Tomorrow is church and a visit to my mom's friend who apparently lives on the Chesapeake Bay. Should be an interesting visit. 27 days!

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