Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's been several weeks since my last post, but that's only because nothing much has happened.............until now. Yesterday I finally finished my two classes at MSU, and I never have to go to school in Starkville again! WHOO!!! Happy day. So yeah. This Friday (two days away) I will drive to Jackson with my dad and sister Wheeler for her volleyball tourney, but at 4:00 I will fly to ATL and then Richmond, VA. After meeting my mom and other sister McKay, we will spend the night there before attending William and Mary's preview day on Saturday. THEN we'll drive to Fredericksburg and I'll settle in for the rest of the month until Italia.

Milly requested a few weeks ago that I send a passport sized photo to be used in getting me a Milano bus pass. She wants to get the pass now so that we don't have to face the long lines in September when everyone else is getting theirs. I had completely forgotten about mailing the photo until today, so I ran to Walgreens, got the photo, and mailed it to Milano.

I also said goodbye to Keith Remy, my sponsor counselor. We chatted for a bit, and he became the first person to sign my journal. I got this idea from my Rotex at outbound camp. She had her friends in the US sign notes in a journal before she left for Italia, and before returning to the US at the end of her exchange year, she had her Italian friends write notes to her in it as well. Sooo I decided this was a great idea, and I will have my friends write in mine before I leave on Friday. It will be yet another way of keeping a record of my year abroad since I want to remember as much as I can!

I'll blog again once I've flown to VA and been to William and Mary. August in VA will be mostly uneventful, as I'll pretty much just sit around with McKay and try to motivate myself to read books and practice italiano. haha. 31 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

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