Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Midsummer Exchange Student's Dream

I've only just now realized that it's the middle of the summer....I mean, today is July 16, which is pretty much the middle of the summer in my mind. Where did June and the first half of July go??? Kinda surreal. Already, I am so much closer to leaving for my exchange. It still seems so far away, but I'm trying to consciously comprehend that right now, it's only 7 weeks away!!!! I titled this post "A Midsummer Exchange Student's Dream" because I have been experiencing a severe lack of emotion about my exchange lately, so much so that I feel like I'm in this weird dream state. Last month, I was very excited because I kept receiving new information every week, but now I just have to idly wait until my departure before anything of consequence happens again (at least in relation to the exchange).

Part of my family is moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia in a few days, but since I'm still taking classes, I'll stay here for 2 weeks and join them at the beginning of August (somewhere around the 5th). Classes are officially halfway over, and I have only 1 more test and a paper due for Religion, and 2 more tests for Pysch. I'm doing well so far and I don't anticipate any major obstacles for the rest of the summer term. College is ridiculously easy, at least at Mississippi State. ;)

Milly has requested a small picture of me to be submitted for my bus pass application, but the consulate kept my passport photo when I mailed my visa info, so I'll have to go get another passport-sized photo made next week. Then I have to physically mail it to her in Milano. She said we could wait until I'm in Italy, but lines for bus passes are super long in September, so she wants to get mine now. Also, she told me the cost of enrollment at my school, Liceo Musicale, and I'll have to bring that amount with me once I arrive.

Though college is easy, it's endlessly mind-numbing, so I can't wait for August when I can get a change of scenery in Virginia. Even though once I'm there, I will have literally nothing to do all day except sit around and study Italian.....which I should do more of anyways. Actually, today I learned 4 new verbs and their conjugations! Now the trick is to remember them all. ha...haha....ugh. 48 days. Only 48 days.

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  1. On the photo( If you haven't gotten it done yet, If you have, then ignore this): Because so many of the forms I had asked for lots of small, passport-sized pictures, but not an actual passport photo, I had the photo people make a sheet of photos passport sized, but smiling. Then we cut them out of the sheet as needed. It was cheaper than the 8 dollars for passport photos that didn't have to be passport photos.