Friday, June 24, 2011

Guarantee Forms

At last. The anticipated day has arrived. I know it's hard to take in, especially considering the trials and tribulations I endured to get this far (aka waiting since October). But the all-too-vital Guarantee Forms have finally arrived in my hands from Italy!!!!!!!! I have never seen more beautiful paperwork in my life. They were mailed on Tuesday, so I wasn't expecting them until Saturday, but somehow they got here this morning! When Keith Remy, my Rotary counselor, called me a few hours ago with the good news, I hung up and screamed and started running around my house like crazy. It was about 10 times worse than when I got the news I was going to Italy all those months ago. Even though I've been planning this for a year, now I realize that it's actually happening!

The GF's were signed by me, my parents, my sponsor club officials, my host parents, my school in Italy, and my host club officials. And I now know that my first day of Italian school is 12 settembre. Which means I have to make a flight reservation soon for sometime between 2 and 6 settembre. Hopefully I can get that done tonight so I have a set day of departure when people ask, "So when are you leaving?" :)

Along with the blessed GF's, I also received documentation from my school, my host club, and some government things. I couldn't read most of it because they used BIG Italian words that are far beyond me. But it's all important because I have to mail it to the Italian consulate in Miami to get my VISA! The visa is the next step on the road to Italy. I was waiting to start my visa application until the GF's arrived, but now that they're here, I will eagerly begin filling out (more!) paperwork so that I will legally be able to live in Italy.

Besides all the papers from Italy, Keith also gave me 6 banners from my sponsor Rotary club here in Starkville. I will give these banners to my host club and Rotarians in Milano if they want them. Apparently some clubs don't care about collecting other clubs' banners. But oh well. In addition to all of the above, Keith showed me the layout for my business cards, and we printed about 20 of them for me to start with. The rest will be professionally done at some copying place here in town. I feel so legit with my business cards, ambassador nameplate, and paperwork!! I expect my next post will be about flight arrangements and/or visa application. Ciao :)

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