Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I wanted you all to know about the lovely pins the outbounds received at graduation. They are gold nameplate pins and mine says my name and the words "Ambassador to Italy" underneath. We are supposed to wear them on our official Rotary blazers, but Madalyn and I wore ours with our matching exchange shirts as we traveled from OK City to Atlanta. We'd been told that wearing our Rotary blazers in airports would gain us a lot of positive attention, but considering the attention the small pins gave us, I can't imagine what it will be like when I wear my blazer! Madalyn and I were asked numerous times about our upcoming trips to Europe, and more than a few people congratulated us and asked us to represent America well while abroad. It was a wonderful experience!

On the plane from OK City to Atlanta, we were sitting next to a college student who was flying to ATL for her connection flight to study abroad in Italy. I was excited to find out she was going there, of course, so we asked what program she was with and how long she'd be there. She was with OU's study abroad program and would be there 4 weeks. She asked us, "So will you two be in Europe just for the summer?" Madalyn and I had to restrain ourselves from laughing. When we said we'd be there for a full year, the college student gasped and didn't know what to say. hahaha. It was ridiculous how funny Madalyn and I found this situation. Thankfully the flight was over then and we were able to leave the plane before bursting into laughter. Some people still don't understand why anyone would want to study abroad for more than a few weeks.

Update on the GF's: my school finally signed them, and in a few hours they will be on their way to Mississippi by courier. It should take no more than 4 days, so I will start expecting them to arrive on Saturday. It's SUCH a relief to know they're finally on their way! I have so much paperwork still to do this summer, the most important being my visa application, but I can't start any of it until the GF's are in my hands. Fingers crossed that they'll get here this week!!!!

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